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Insurance Inspections

Wind Mitigation

A wind mitigation inspection is the professional completion of the uniform mitigation verification inspection form. This detailed visual inspection explains to your insurance provider how resistant the home is against high-velocity hurricane-force winds and peril. The accurate completion of this form is imperative to the discounts received by the insurance company off of the homeowner’s premium. The credits found often replenish the cost of the home inspection within the first year.  We always have a client’s best interest in mind and inspect every home as if you were a family member. 

4 Point Inspection

A 4 Point inspection is often required on homes older than 40 years and rental properties older than 30 years. The 4 Point inspection form provides requested information to the insurance company on the four main components of a home, this includes; the current condition and age of the roof, plumbing components, electrical system, and HVAC appliances. Sometimes, home insurance providers will require a 4 Point inspection for existing policyholders to maintain their homeowner’s insurance. Consequently, 4 Point inspections are reviewed as pass or fail by insurance companies depending on the current condition, age, and types/brands of materials present in these four categories. If the home you are considering to purchase requires a 4 Point inspection, it is important to work with a home inspector who is familiar with the necessary form requirements and able to promptly provide you with the 4 Point inspection report prior to closing to determine if any immediate repairs are needed in order to obtain homeowner’s insurance. We offer 4 Point inspections at discounted rates in conjunction with our standard home inspection and stand-alone 4 Point inspections for those already insured or searching for better rates.

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